But I don’t have to tell you that. You know you are also an artist, a therapist and a friend. But what about a holistic therapist? A health and wellbeing coach? The term hairdresser and health have previously been on opposite ends of the spectrum, but as we move into modern times we are merging the two more and more each day giving our clients the best of both worlds.

The evolution of the ‘new-age hairdresser’ focuses not only the service we provide, but the long term effects it has on our clients and the planet. Many salons still provide the same cut, colour and style services, providing the bare minimum to their clients, which is such a shame when you learn the endless possibilities we have to better our clients lives.

As a hairdresser, we have a huge responsibility to our clients.

Clients come to you for a sense of individuality and a sense of self. This is an amazing privilege and gives you the power to change someone’s moment, their day, their week and even their life. You might be thinking that I am getting a little carried away, right? Let me explain:

Women in particular can have their hair coloured every couple of months for decades. The chemicals in most colours on the market today can have devastating effects on a person’s overall heath and although sicknesses such as immune diseases and cancers are not directly linked to the hair colour itself, it would most certainly not be contributing in the slightest to a total healthy way of being. By eliminating the nasty chemicals, and using OWAY colours, you can be rest assured that you are providing your clients with the safest, healthiest colour available in the professional market.

So, now we have done the right thing by choosing the best colour, what else can we offer?

This is the really special thing about OWAY. It says it in the name – Organic Way also known as ‘The Organic Way of Life’. We aren’t just about the hair, we are about rebalancing the mind and body for a holistic sense of wellbeing in life.

Picture this…

You walk into the salon space and instead of the harsh chemical smell you expect, you are greeted with a calming and fresh fragrance surrounding you. A welcome without a need for words. You are placed in your seat and are greeted with a welcome ceremony, involving a scalp massage carried out in a specific set of sequences to promote relaxation that relieves any tension you were carrying before you walked in. A blend of aromatic herbs is placed in front of you in the form of a tea, which warms and comforts you ready for the service ahead. This service could include a scalp analysis in which you are given a tailor made treatment that will give you the results you have been searching for, or even a botanical treatment that focuses not only on the health of your scalp and hair, but also on the release of tension by using pure botanical ingredients proven to release toxins and promote a sense of relaxation and well-being. Not really the kind of experience you would expect to have in a typical hair dressing salon right? And the best part is they can take the OWAY fragrance with them, to spray in their home, on their sheets or even in their car. Nothing promotes memory-linked impressions like a good fragrance.

The best part for you, is not only do you get to give the gift of well-being, you get to live and breathe it every day you are in the salon. As an Owayian you have the ability to provide enough care for your clients to encourage them to treat their bodies, and look after themselves like they haven’t been able to before.

Giving someone the gift of total well-being is something that your typical hairdresser has never been able to do. We aren’t typical. You are not typical. Being an Owayian means that you are lucky enough to have the ability to change how someone feels, to recreate a reality in which a negative day can now be perceived as a positive day and to rebalance the world they live in. This is holistic wellbeing. This is the Organic Way.