Say hello to the newest member of the OWAY family…. Tratto is now available in Australia. Tratto is a fragrance derived from 100% vegetable and biodynamic essential oils – refresh your fabrics and home with a pure essential oil blend the cleanses the air and neutralises odor with fresh citrus, rose and jasmine notes.

Ever wished you could bottle the sweet scent of OWAY and carry it around in a spray bottle at the ready to transform your home, fabric and space into dreamy sweet smelling oasis? Well we hear you and now we have delivered! Forget rolling around in lavender, whilst juicing citrus fruit and tossing sweet roses in the air because we have bottled all that goodness for you and with the push of a button you can be the sweetest smelling thing around.

“The alluring fragrances from the mediterranean citrus orchards. “

Coming soon to OWAY salons Australia wide.