Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, thin or thick hair – all hair is beautiful, as long as you know how to work with it, not against it. Don’t you just love when you walk out of a salon, and for some reason your hair is so perfect and bouncy you fear to wash it ever again. Of course the styling of your hair helps, but if you have an awesome stylist that knows their stuff, they have also used the correct hair care on you to ensure you get the most out of your beautiful locks of fabulous hair.

Your hair care regime can be a make or break in whether you have fabulous hair, or have to rock that messy bun 24/7. If you experience flat lifeless hair, frizzy untameable hair or even just dull, boring and craving some love sort of hair – this is the guide for you! The great thing with these products, are that they give you some amazing results minus the nasty chemicals. So scroll down to your hair type, and check out the best way for you to wear your hair, naturally.



You know the type – the untameable, lioness hair that just seems impossible to wear out. You need a ‘heavier’ shampoo and conditioner that will reduce your frizz and deeply moisturise each strand of hair making it more structured and possible to wear naturally (finally)!

The perfect product for you is Silk’n Glow. This Bath and Mask combo is the answer to your prayers. Not only will it increase the shine, but it will weigh the hair down so that you don’t have that massive ball of frizziness taking over your life.

Wash your scalp twice with the bath, then use the mask (leave in for 10minutes then rinse) for the ultimate love. It will take a while to get rid of the coating of chemicals you may have previously had on your hair, so be sure to persist for at least a couple of months to benefit from the range fully. So prepare yourself for having a whole lot of extra time in the mornings, that you used to use trying to style your previously untameable hair! You’re welcome.

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You have been gifted with some beautiful curls, but seem to be fighting the frizzball effect too? We hear you. Curly Hair Bath & Mask will be your best friends. The Curly hair bath is gentle enough to not take the curl out, but strong enough to cleanse and purify the scalp while looking after your hair. Use the Bath twice on your scalp, follow with the Mask (leave for 10 minutes before rinsing) to protect your stunning curls while avoiding the frizz. If you really want to accentuate the curl with all that shine, try the Curly Potion after your shower. Place some in the palm of your hand, rub it together and apply through the hair. This will shape, moisturise and give structure to your curls if left to dry naturally.

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Yep that’s me! Not quite curly, definitely not beautifully straight… just a bit of everything mixed together to create that unintentional bed hair. Since finding this product, I have actually worn my hair down for the first time ever. I was always the boring pony tails and messy buns type, and envied those that somehow had that messy beach type hair that actually looks good. Well now – I have it too! And this is how….

Moisturising Hair Bath & Mask. Perfect for a lot of frizzy, wavy, a bit of everything hair. It is VERY moisturizing and nourishing so use it up to 3 times a week (no more) to avoid that oily feeling. Use the Bath twice in the shower – only on the scalp. And follow with the Mask on the ends of your hair for 10 minutes before rinsing. The smell is the first thing you will notice… amazing. The essential oils in this really make it like a spa experience, and the silky smoothness of your hair is the best! To avoid that huge frizzball hair, make sure you also dry the hair properly. Use a wide toothed comb (my favourite is from TEK – sustainably sourced, feels amazing on the scalp) and let your hair dry naturally. There are a few styling aids that will definitely help you as well, but are not essential for the natural look. To have a look at the full styling the range click here.

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I know a few people with this type of hair, and they constantly complain of how dull it is and how they have the flattest hair in the universe. Even a bit of dry shampoo can be useless as it flops right back down half an hour later. Don’t worry, we have something for you too! Xvolume is the answer. How does this beautiful little product change your life you ask? The Bath is designed to deeply cleanse the scalp bestowing body and strength.

This encourages the hair to lift more, giving you that volume that you have always wanted! There are some beautiful natural ingredients to help your hair along including the Biodynamic Yarrow – increases circulation to strengthen your hair, Organic Ginger – an antioxidant, and we all know how important they are, and Ethical Purple rice which again is designed to strengthen the hair, lifting it from the roots. Now you may notice there is no conditioner or Mask with this range – why is that? Simply put, it is far too heavy for your type of hair. You don’t need it. Conditioning your hair will weigh it down and do exactly the opposite of what you want, which is voluptuous hair that makes you feel confident and ready to take on the day! You do however have the support of the xVolume Root Spray. Spray this onto the roots – and if your hair needs some serious help, you can then back comb with a fine toothed comb. Use the xVolume Root Spray on damp hair so that it dries to perfection.

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The Smooth+ range will be your secret to that shiny, fresh and healthy hair 24/7. If your hair is naturally straight or little untameable and you want to smooth it out, try this Bath and Mask combo. The Bath should be used twice on the scalp, and the mask once on the ends (left in for 10 minutes before rinsing). Now the secret to getting the most out of this range is all in the Smoothing Cream or Smoothing Fluid as well.

Smoothing cream is for hair that is seriously out of control, and the Smoothing Fluid is a little lighter for those that don’t want too much product weighing down the hair. Apply either of these products after your shower and dry in. If you’re are straightening your hair, dry the Smoothing Cream or Fluid in with your hair dryer first and follow with your straightening iron to  enjoy some seriously smooth and shiny hair.

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If you wash your hair frequently and don’t need to combat any serious issues like frizzy hair, limp hair or dry hair, then the Frequent Use Bath and Mask is perfect for you. Perfect for even the most sensitive of scalps, the Frequent Use Bath will cleanse, revitalise and add shine to your hair. The key is all in the natural ingredients. Biodynamic Lemon will add the shine to your hair, by revitalising it thanks to all that Vitamin C. Organic White Tea will protect your hair from oxidative stress while Ethical Anisata is what will ensure your scalp is soothed with antiseptic and antibacterial properties. You don’t need anything too heavy with your type of hair so forgo the masks and only use a conditioner. The Frequent Use conditioner will detangle and moisturise lightly so as not to weigh your hair down. You still get the properties of strength and moisture with this product, however it isn’t super heavy so you won’t be left with greasy hair the next day. This product is also a really good detangler – and if you really want to ensure your hair is detangled, shiny and toned, try the Phytoprotein mist after your shower. Spray all over and leave-in for some extra oomph!

A final note…

A great tip too is to not be afraid to mix and match the products. For example, if you want to straighten your hair for a night out, and normally need a lot of moisturizing – use the moisturizing bath followed by the Smoothing mask and cream. This means your hair will look super glossy and last the distance for days while still benefiting from the deep moisturizing products! Or if you want to shampoo regularly (more than 3 times a week) because you are a gym junkie and need to get the sweat off your scalp, you can go for the Frequent use bath and follow with the moisturizing mask on the ends to tame the frizz! This avoids an oily scalp from frequent washing, but gives you the benefit of some delicious moisturised ends! These ranges are super versatile and there is something for everyone.

Something to remember is that if you have used products with a lot of heavy silicones and toxic ingredients previously it will take time to get it out. Give these products a go for a couple of months before expecting to see their full potential. You will get some results immediately – but to really see them work their magic, give them a chance. You may start thinking is it worth the in-between stage of waiting – but I promise you it is. Synthetic fragrances, Parabens, SLS & SLES EDTA’s and all that nasty stuff can disrupt your hormones and be detrimental for your health, so by making the switch to a more natural product you are not only doing a great thing for your hair, but your health too.