When you join the Oway movement magical things start to happen.  You buy a reusable coffee cup, you stop buying plastic water bottles, you go to the farmers markets to get your veggies, you feel connected.  It’s more than a product range, it’s a lifestyle choice.

Every one of our clients is on a journey, whether it is to find something more environmentally friendly, or whether it is to find a product that is kinder to our body. Either way – everyone is looking for a way to be better than they were yesterday. And as we learn more about ourselves, the environment and the impact that we on the world around us –  it’s hard to go back to our old ways when we know it isn’t the best option.

Most of our client’s journey starts with the search for plastic alternatives. The fact we use glass and aluminium is a huge part of what we are about. Plastic makes up 20,700 tonnes of waste per year in Australia contributing massively to global warming, landfill and the deaths of our land and marine life! Once you realise the effect of every single colour tube and shampoo bottle it’s hard to go back to using the plastic stuff. Of course, the further you look into plastic useage in your salon the further you start to analyse your own life. How many plastic bags am I using at the markets? Are these little plastic produce bags my only option? Do I need that plastic straw in my green smoothie every weekend?

At the start of your journey there will be an overwhelming amount of questions that you feel you want answered, not just in your profession but in your personal life. You will want the best alternative in every situation, whether it’s where your produce comes from to whether your local café accepts reusable cups. The greatest thing with this journey is the discovery of your people. Your community. The people who choose to have a lifestyle of responsibility and awareness. Oway is not for the feint hearted, it is for those who continuously want to grow, be connected and live with conviction.

Join the Oway movement where the greatest change happens within you