A huge congratulations…

As this year comes to an end its important to reflect on the achievements we have had in both our personal and professional lives and how we have contributed to the world around us. OWAY is a brand that believes in looking outward and upward, toward a better lifestyle, better environment and ultimately a better planet.

We are extremely lucky to be in partnership with like-minded people who live their lives consciously through both their personal lives which in turn filters through their professional lives. With the Industry awards wrapped up for the year – we are so proud to have two OWAY salons recognised across Australia and New Zealand. A huge congratulations to George & Ivy in Fremantle, WA for their award ‘Best Eco Salon’ as well as their award for ‘Best Boutique Salon Design’ and Scout Wellington, NZ for their award ‘Sustainable Salon of the Year’. Two incredible salons that are making waves in the industry and normalising a passion for both hairdressing and sustainability proving yet again that beauty doesn’t need to cost the earth.



Best Eco Salon 2019, Best Boutique Design Salon 2019

“At George & Ivy, style and sustainability are at the forefront of our minds. We take an innovative approach to challenges, be they stylistic or environmental. We believe in the benefits of acknowledging and re-working the past.

Our philosophy of sustainable living seems to be reinforced by the building, one made of recycled bricks, limestone and steel-framed windows.  For the interior, we chose to work with raw, earthy tones and materials, creating a satisfying balance between aesthetics and utility, the personal and the public. Our courtyard’s lush greenery is complemented by the sculptures and artwork of local artisans. The name ‘George & Ivy’ tips a hat to our grandparents: their names.



Zero waste is at the forefront of our minds when looking at salon design, practice and the products we use. Having worked within the hairdressing industry for over thirty combined years, we have grown more and more aware of the chemical ingredients in hair products, their effects on our bodies and wellbeing. For this reason, we have made the decision to work with Organic Way. (For more info please head to owayaustralia.com.au)”

Images from https://www.georgeandivy.com.au/ 


Best Sustainable Salon 2019



“Our focus on reusing and recycling has helped us build community. Our community of loyal customers builds our client base and profitability, which in turn means we can afford the time and attention it takes to be sustainable. We’ve changed and adapted our practices over time, ensuring we think outside the box.

We collaborate, share ideas with clients and industry peers, then make changes. I’m proud of the ‘reduce, reuse, refill’ initiative we started last year, which allows clients to bring back shampoo and conditioner packaging for refills. They receive a discount and reduce their plastic output. The uptake by clients has been huge and we’re constantly being asked when they’ll be able to refill more products. So onto this year’s challenge!

Our small team is on a journey. In the last 5 years we’ve created a successful salon, built sound sustainable practices and grown a community around them. Sharing ideas, making connections and giving people a place to feel heard and inspired. The last year has seen us build our reputation as a business with integrity, delivering quality without compromising the environment. We’re looking forward to taking this further in the years to come”.

Images from http://www.scouthair.co.nz/ & https://www.stuff.co.nz/

From the team at OWAY Australia & OWAY New Zealand, congratulations again! We cannot wait for what lies ahead in 2020 for our salons and our brand across both Australia and New Zealand.