OWAY rebuilding treatment

Continual external, chemical and environmental aggressions can cause structural damage to hair fiber. Damaged hair has impoverished fiber, porous and rough structure and lack bounce.
rebuilding is the deep regenerative treatment, which gives substance and matter to damaged hair. A complete customized program, which supplies hair fiber its essential components: biomimetic vegetable proteins, which repair structural damage by reconstructing the molecular structure of keratin; lipids, which create a protective layer around the cuticle and trace elements and minerals that supply strength, softness and resistance.

Infinite styling expressions, nourished and protected hair.

Styling, definition and finishing products on the market today, contain the highest concentration of chemical substances: petrolatum, parabens, PEG, PPG & BG, synthetic fragrances, dyes, etc. The OW line has, for the first time, replaced these ingredients with waxes and resins of vegetable origin, biodynamic organic extracts, pure essential oils and natural emollients. The result? Nutritious, hydro-regulating, ultra- high performance formulations, which give rise to protected hair and endless, long-lasting styling possibilities.