We have welcomed a new in salon treatment to the OWAY family and it is the ultimate in relaxation and next level salon experience. Flowerfall is a quite literally a garden in a bottle with 98% naturally derived ingredients grown on our biodynamic estate in Bologna Italy, you can’t get closer to nature.

The first step in this magical potion are the plants that are grown with a biodynamic-organic method and then harvested during their balsamic period. These precious plants then get heated up with steam which absorbs the aromatic molecules contained in the plant. The steam then gets cooled down by cold water and left to rest until the essential oil and the hydrolate (the water component) seperate.  The hydrolate is active water that is deeply infused with the soluble extracts of the plants and is bottled up to create the Flowerfall treatment.


The Flowerfall treatment can be used in three ways.

  1. Hydro-Dhara
  2. Anti-Ageing Floral Waterfall
  3. Sprayed directly onto the hair or body


This is the ultimate in salon experience in which the Flowerfall treatment is mixed with either the strengthening blend, relaxing blend or the antioxidant blend (depending on your hair and scalp needs) and warm water. This mixture is then decanted into the Hydro-Dhara set and flows through onto your hair and scalp focussing on stimulating the pituitary gland in the centre of the forehead for the ultimate treatment of wellbeing.


This treatment is ideal to finish your colour or to boost shine and anti-oxidant protection. Pure Flowerfall treatment is poured over the scalp and then gently massaged in with the aromatherapeutic blend of bergamot, orange, lime, rose, lavender, verbena and Ylang Ylang.


You can use Flowerfall at home for an aromatherapeutic energy boost. Either spray Flowerfall directly onto damp hair after washing with your choosen OWAY haircare range or spray onto your body or hair anytime for an immediate sense of wellbeing.

Flowerfall treatments are available at selected OWAY salons across Australia.