Industry Awards for 2019 Australia & New Zealand

A huge congratulations... As this year comes to an end its important to reflect on the achievements we have had in both our personal and professional lives and how we have contributed to the world around us. OWAY is a brand that believes in looking outward and upward, toward a better lifestyle, [...]

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Have a Merry Green Christmas 2019

For Christmas 2019, Spread the happiness around with OWAY’s tailor-made collections of products for hair, body, face and beard care. Choose one of the Special Gift Sets from OWAY’s most popular products either for yourself or for those you want to give the perfect gift to. SCRIGNO A gift within a gift. [...]

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The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Your Hair Naturally

Whether you have curly hair, straight hair, thin or thick hair – all hair is beautiful, as long as you know how to work with it, not against it. Don’t you just love when you walk out of a salon, and for some reason your hair is so perfect and bouncy you fear to [...]

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You are not just a hairdresser

But I don’t have to tell you that. You know you are also an artist, a therapist and a friend. But what about a holistic therapist? A health and wellbeing coach? The term hairdresser and health have previously been on opposite ends of the spectrum, but as we move into modern times we are merging [...]

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Let’s talk ammonia

Colouring your hair seems pretty simple, you go to the hairdresser, they mix a few colours together, slap it on and voila! Your hair looks fresh, clean and ready for a night out. The fact is, there is a whole lot more chemistry behind the process which is worth educating yourself about. More and more [...]

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Parabens: Should you be concerned?

In 2018 it is estimated that 18,235 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in Australia with breast cancer being the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the country ( With such alarming figures, numerous studies have been conducted with a focus on hormone disrupters such as parabens which can mimic estrogen and effect [...]

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Is your recycling going to waste?

In Australia, the average family will produce enough rubbish to fill a 3 bedroom house every single year, making Australian’s one of the highest producers of waste per head of population in the world ( Of this rubbish, over half of the products end up as waste in landfill – including products that could have [...]

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