The changes within

When you join the Oway movement magical things start to happen.  You buy a reusable coffee cup, you stop buying plastic water bottles, you go to the farmers markets to get your veggies, you feel connected.  It’s more than a product range, it’s a lifestyle choice. Every one of our clients is on a journey, [...]

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Oway Christmas 2017

Say hello to De-stress kit and Materia! A limited edition Oway release for Christmas 2017. MATERIA is a purifying solid oil block made of 100% natural ingredients and DE-STRESS KIT includes a 80g block of Materia, Lamina grater for creating flakes of Materia and Giara a 100% recyclable glass jar to store your Materia flakes. [...]

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Welcome Tratto

Say hello to the newest member of the OWAY family.... Tratto is now available in Australia. Tratto is a fragrance derived from 100% vegetable and biodynamic essential oils - refresh your fabrics and home with a pure essential oil blend the cleanses the air and neutralises odor with fresh citrus, rose and jasmine notes. Ever [...]

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