Parabens: Should you be concerned?

In 2018 it is estimated that 18,235 new cases of breast cancer will be diagnosed in Australia with breast cancer being the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in the country ( With such alarming figures, numerous studies have been conducted with a focus on hormone disrupters such as parabens which can mimic estrogen and effect [...]

Is your recycling going to waste?

In Australia, the average family will produce enough rubbish to fill a 3 bedroom house every single year, making Australian’s one of the highest producers of waste per head of population in the world ( Of this rubbish, over half of the products end up as waste in landfill – including products that could have [...]

Detox with the help of the moon

Herbs and Clay Peeling Cleansing is a 100% natural treatment that is performing in conjuction with the lunar phases to increase it power and effectiveness. Made with biodynamic savoury, organic horsetail, fair trade pink clay and soap nut the treatment comes with three different blends - strengthening blend, relaxing blend and antioxidant blend. IN [...]

Head.SPA Australia will officially launch in 2018

Oway salons across Australia will soon be able to start the Head.SPA journey. Certification is by application only and there will be limited spaces available for training in the first release that is due to be rolled out in early 2018. Register your salon below for updates on course dates. LUXURY IS A [...]

Hmelt coming soon….

Say hello to unicorn hair with Hmelt! Dreamy fairy floss pink, mermaid green and ocean blue are amongst the 9 direct pigment colours about to hit Oway salons. Two products make up the Hmelt range Hmelt is a professional only product that has loads of application options including creating custom colour shampoo and conditioners for [...]

Oway Christmas 2017

Say hello to De-stress kit and Materia! A limited edition Oway release for Christmas 2017. MATERIA is a purifying solid oil block made of 100% natural ingredients and DE-STRESS KIT includes a 80g block of Materia, Lamina grater for creating flakes of Materia and Giara a 100% recyclable glass jar to store your Materia flakes. [...]