You will find this little wonder ingredient in our Smooth+ range with good reason. Buriti Oil is a super detanlger, it reduces combing friction on wet hair by up to 60% which means less breakage on combing and brushing wet hair. Buriti Oil also works as a heat protectant which is why our Smoothing Cream and Smoothing Fluid is full of this liquid gold.

Brazilian natives call the Buriti Tree “The Tree of Life” and the power of this little fruit has been known by South American locals long before it entered the commercial beauty market. The palm tree that grows the Buriti fruit grows in swamp regions in South America and is considered sacred because it is so nutrient rich. In addition to it’s conditioning properties Buriti Oil also has UV protection properties, keeping your hair shiny smooth and protected again the sun’s damaging rays.

Oway uses Buriti Oil that is source on fair trade networks helping to provide financial independence to small to developing countries and communities.