Eco Salon Supplies is a family owned company based in Brisbane and are the national distributors of Oway brand.  As a company Eco Salon Supplies was formed to provide a range of environmental and health products to those salons searching for a better alternative.  The owners of Eco Salon Supplies are salon owners themselves, and their focus is to deliver exceptional service and support to salon owners of eco salons when they found it difficult to find products in Australia that meet with their own philosophies.  Their vision is to create a community of forward thinking hairdressers that support each other to stretch the boundaries of the conventional thinking.



Rolland is an Italian group that, since 1948, produces perfumes and cosmetic essences for the highest segments on the market. From perfumes and essential oils our production moved to the hairdressing sector: we were among the first in Italy to produce hair spray, then styling  and finishing products with natural extracts. With an international and constant research on trends, design, and ethical-sustainable beauty we have constantly innovated to create, year after year, formulas and treatments dedicated to hair salons and beauty saloon. With constant international research on trends, design and ethical-sustainable beauty, we have continuously innovated by launching, year after year, formulas and treatments dedicated to the most exclusive hair styling and beauty salons.  Organic Way is our high pointfruit of over 15 years of work based on the world of natural, biodynamic, organic formulation and on a clean chemistry that offers real and concrete results. With the current accreditation of two integrated quality certifications: ISO 9001 and ISO 22716, Rolland stands out in the Italian cosmetic production sector and in international marketing through a quality management system in accordance with the highest control standards. The architecture of the ISO 22716 certification integrates with the outline of ISO 9001, with the addition of further strict requirements that have an impact on product control and on the manufacturing process.

Silk’n glow

To regulate frizzy, thick and unstructured hair one must act on two fronts: infuse nutrients deeply in the hair fiber and polish the superficial surface. Frizzy and dull hair is, in fact, characterized by uplifted and irregular cuticles. When in this state, the hair surface does not reflect light and hair appears dull and opaque. SILK’N GLOW cleanser brings a first regulating effect. The nutritious treatment transforms hair matter in pure silk. The serum is the final touch that coats the hair with micro-particles of light. A synergy of restructuring, nourishing and silkening active ingredients. Biodynamic Oats, organic Cupuaçu butter and ethical Brazilian Nut makes for soft and shiny hair: pure silk.

First ammonia free bleaching cream butter based on kukui butter and enriched with a synergy of 3 precious oils.

Who said all bleaching products are aggressive? Hbleach is the first ammonia free bleaching cream butter based on Kukui butter and enriched with a synergy of 3 precious oils. The bleaching treatment becomes a fragrant and pleasant relaxing break, which respects the hair fiber while transforms our look.