OWAY treatments

A Head.spa is not simply a beauty salon but also a center certified by OW for the well-being of both you and your hair. Discover the unique treatments and the holistic, customised, multi-sensorial services of the Organic Way Head Spa. Your hairstylist becomes both a beauty and a well-being consultant, given that these concepts are a reflection of each other.

Infinite styling expressions, nourished and protected hair.

Styling, definition and finishing products on the market today, contain the highest concentration of chemical substances: petrolatum, parabens, PEG, PPG & BG, synthetic fragrances, dyes, etc. The OW line has, for the first time, replaced these ingredients with waxes and resins of vegetable origin, biodynamic organic extracts, pure essential oils and natural emollients. The result? Nutritious, hydro-regulating, ultra- high performance formulations, which give rise to protected hair and endless, long-lasting styling possibilities.